PLODIAC Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

AstroSwami Pro - iPhone App - GET PERSONAL! It is an app about YOU!

Zodiac app for the more seriously-inclined and not a frivolous kind. Per Jackie Judge: My boyfriends first impression of AstroSwami Pro was, TRIPPY. I cant think of a better word to describe...

Star Search iPhone App Review Here's the March 20th iPhone App Review of Star Search... Star Search - Developer - Steven Hundley -

iPhone Apps: iAstronomica

Browse and track the path of the planets with the iAstronomica application.

Plodiac - Planet Zodiac Viewer

Plodiac is a Star and Planet Viewer app for the iPhone [and iPod Touch]. The Stars shine at their proper magnitudes, and are connected to outline the constellations. The planets are properly...

Starbust iPhone application

This application allows you to collect signatures and pictures from important people you admire. The celebrities sign on your screen and the pictures you take of them are geo-localized, so...

Paper Football LITE Review

Review of Paper Football Lite. You can but the full version on the App Store. Not sure what the full price is though. SUBSCRIBE!

Panhoroscopia HD for iPad

Panhoroscopia is an enchanting personality app where you can find out what your birthday or your palms tell about you. Features 3 different horoscopes with engaging graphics and also introductions...

App Review #3 Fieldrunners, Planets, Etc.

application review number 3 with moto x meyham, feildrunners and planets.

[Iphone app]Emotion Match

When will be the right time for Dating? How can you get your partner excellence? Just input his/her birthday to get it. This Application not only figure out His/Her biorhythm, But also to...

Astrology App for iPhone - Horoscope - Psychic Reading - Futur Reading

Astrology application for iPhone. Astrology and Horoscope. Read your future. iPad astrology app. Astrology app for iPod Touch. find out your future. future minder. Can anyone read my future?

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