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PLODIAC app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 32 ratings )
Reference Education
Developer: John Gregorek
0.99 USD
Current version: 3.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 04 Oct 2008
App size: 3.95 Mb

Plodiac is a Star and Planet Viewer.

The Stars shine at their proper magnitudes, and are connected to outline the constellations. The planets are properly positioned; updated at startup to the current date and time. The Sun is at the center of the view and has been replaced by the current Zodiac Sign.

Tapping the screen reveals three options. There is a Zodiac Symbols reference page which includes the starting Astrological dates. There is also a Planet Symbols reference page. The third option rotates the view 180-degrees to view the night sky opposite the Sun. Further, this flat-map image of the constellations can be dynamically moved by the user.

The view can be returned to the Sun-view to complete the 360-degree tour of the Zodiac Constellations. To save the sky-views for special occasions, like the birth of a child, just use the built-in iPhone feature to take a snap-shot of the screen and set the image as your background.

(Visit the authors website for more information and sample material.)

Pros and cons of PLODIAC app for iPhone and iPad

PLODIAC app good for

Stunning. Love the simple interface. The criticism could be made more politely, constructively. Most app writers are happy to design to suit. But Im not so sure of all the suggestions made. I really like this design. It is easy to relate.
Clean view of the night sky with the current planet positions. And I like the fact that I can take a picture of the screen to record the planet positions on a special date.

Some bad moments

Does not even compare with the other astronomy apps in the store. Not enough features in the application such as notes, planet or star information. I hope that with updates the developer will correct.
Not an astronomy program in the usual sense. The display lacks labels, whether for the constellations, the stellar magnitude scale, star names, sky coordinates, etc. The size of the view is fixed, unspecified and unrelated to any geographic position. Id say the whole thing is pretty meaningless.
This app consists of four low-resolution still images. The value is negligible and the panning physics are sub par. Get nightsky or similar on your PC to see what is possible in this genre... This app is meh.
This app is horribly disappointing. I was hoping for something simple to let me scroll through the night sky and identify constellations. This app will not do that effectively. It is way too aggressive at recentering and causes nothing but frustration. Do not buy in my opinion.
I was kinda hoping for something that would show me a more clear sense of what signs the planets are in for astrological purposes. And it says nothing about the moon.
This app is wack I want my money back google sky is better its a app for droid phone.